The History of Long and Brier Islands

Names of Ferrymen Government Appointed

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Department of Highways Nova Scotia

Appointed Ferryman From 1946

 Petite Passage                                           

Elmer Wyman                             B&S                                       Captain

Herbert Cossaboom                   B&S                                       Captain                                                                                                                    

Baden Outhouse                        B&S                                        Captain                                                

David Outhouse                          B&S             Captain/Shore Captain

Hilton Sollows                             B&S                                        Captain                               

Welton Ossinger                          B&S                                       Captain

Wilson Outhouse                         B&S                                       Captain                                                      

Edwin Ossinger                            B&S                                        Captain                                                       

Woodrow Outhouse                                                                   Mate

Grafton Outhouse                                                                       Captain                                                   

Donald Sollows                                                   Captain/Shore Captain                                                        

Roy Cossaboom                                                                           Engineer                                                       

Roger Outhouse                                                                          Mate                                                     

Malcolm Bates                                                                             Mate

Arden Perry                                                                                  Mate                                                               

John Thurber                                                                                Mate

Lloyd Ossinger                                                                              Mate

Lloyd Guier                                                                                   Engineer

Brian Perry                                                                                     Engineer

Tim Crocker                                                                                   Captain

Peter Morehouse                                                Captain/Shore Captain

Sydney Raymond                                                                          Captain

Tom Ryan                                                                                       Engineer

Dale Young                                                                                     Captain

Todd Sollows                                                                                  Captain

John Longmire                                                                                Mate

Keenan Raymond                                                                           Captain

Frankie Gillis Jr.                                                                              Captain

Scott Perry                                                                                       Captain

Todd Anderson                                                                                Mate

Stuart Sarty                                                                                      Engineer

Davis Elliott                                                                                      Mate

Weldon O’Neill                                                      Captain/Shore Captain

Jeff Teed                                                                                             Mate

Ritchie Harris                                                                                      Captain

Bobby Larimore                                                                                 Captain

Roger Theriault                                                                                  Captain

Rick Foote                                                                                           Captain

Kimball Nesbitt                                                                                  Mate

John White                                                                                         Mate

Wayne Robichaud                                                                           Engineer

Jerry Thurber                                                                                    Engineer

Raymond Milbury                                                                            Mate

Fraser Lewis                                                                                      Mate

Steve Gaudet                                                                                    Captain

Phillip Keating                                                                                   Mate

             Department of Highways Nova Scotia

Appointed Ferryman From 1946

 Grand Passage

Emerson Titus                          B&S                                    Captain

Charles Weber                          B&S                                   Captain

Gordon Dakin                           B&S                                    Captain

Glendon Titus                            B&S                                   Captain

Wayne Titus                               B&S                                    Mate

Herman Dakin                            B&S                                   Captain

Loran Swift                                  B&S                                  Captain

Rickard Welch                             B&S                                   Mate

Harold Thompson                       B&S                                   Mate

Stanley Moore                             B&S                                   Captain

Wallie Comeau                            B&S                                   Mate

Lloyd Frost                                    B&S                                   Mate

James Swift                                   B&S                                  Mate

Gary Frost                                     B&S                                   Mate

Leslie Barnaby                              B&S                                   Captain

Claire Ruggles                                                                          Captain

Jimmy Outhouse                                                                     Engineer

Norman Pyne                                                                           Captain

Marty Elliott                                                                              Engineer

Allison Patterson                                            Captain/Shore Captain

Kevin Frost                                                                                  Captain

Troy Frost                                                                                     Captain

Robert Thurber                                                                            Mate

Brian Moore                                                                                 Mate

Jerry Thurber                                                                                Mate

Keith Wildboar                                                                             Mate

Michael Outhouse                                                                      Engineer

Wade Sullivan                                                                              Engineer

Freddie Horner                                                                            Engineer

Vaughn Tidd                                                                                 Engineer


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