The History of Long and Brier Islands

Lost at Sea

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This is not my research but that of John Thurber who has put a lot of effort into this. There has been a lot of lives lost to the sea from these Island and we should all take a moment to think about them.

John Thurber’s


   from Long and Brier Islands :

Compiled, over the years, from newspapers, gravestones, memorials, family bibles, and Ship Registries :

 ALBRIGHT, Burchill — from Freeport, lost at sea in 1917, sinking of the General ____?

ALBRIGHT, Dorothy, and child — of Long Island, Drowned in Bay of Fundy , along with several grantees at Tiverton, 16 May 1790.

ALBRIGHT, Wayland — of Freeport, lost in Bay of Fundy, the “GLADYS”, 20 March 1898.

BAILEY, Gardiner — of Westport , drowned 28 Dec 1880.

BAILEY, Garfield — of Westport, date unknown.

BAILEY, William  — of Westport, drowned 1891.

BLACKFORD, Charles — of Tiverton, lost in Bay of Fundy, from schooner “ AVALON “ on 25 Nov 1888.

BLACKFORD, John — of Tiverton, drowned 1886.

BRENNAN, William — of Westport, drowned near Gull Rock, 1933.

BROOKS, George W. — of Freeport, Second Mate, lost from deck of barque, “ARMENIA “ , on 20 August 1887, off coast of New York.

BROWN, Captain Jacob — of Freeport, lost with all hands, on trip to West Indies — mid-1870’s. Jacob was married to Harriet Hains, daughter of B.R. Hains.

BUCKMAN, William W. — of Westport (?), drowned at Freeport, age 66, on 21 Sept 1926.

CANN, Albert — of Westport, boat believed to have swamped, on way in from fishing grounds in Bay of Fundy, June 1893. Age 23. Boat found near Centreville, Digby Neck, bottom up and with sails set.

CANN, Charles — of Westport, age 28. Drowned with Albert Cann, June 1893.

CLEVELAND, Theodore — of Westport, drowned 1933.

CROCKER, Capt. Joseph — of Freeport, washed overboard on trip to West Indies, in 1844.

DAKIN, Howard — of Westport, drowned in 1914.

DAVIS, Fred — of Westport, drowned at Sandy Cove, on 23 August 1891.

DENTON, Miriam — of Westport, drowned in Bay of Fundy, above Grand Passage, 26 July 1882.

DENTON, Samuel — of Westport, drowned in Bay of Fundy, with Miriam, 26 July 1882.

ELDRIDGE, Albert — of Freeport, lost from vessel “ OSSIPEE”, 22 Aug. 1878.

ELLIOTT, Andrew — of Tiverton, caught in storm, fishing , Bay of Fundy, in 1956.

ELLIOTT, Orbin — of Central Grove, drowned in 1901.

FARNSWORTH, Glendon — of Tiverton, sinking of the H.M.C.S. ___ ? in 1943.

FINNEGAN, Joseph — of Freeport, drowned in 1905.

FINNEGAN, Welton — of Freeport, drowned in 1944.

GARRON, Austin — of Westport, drowned in Grand Passage, 1944.

GLAVIN, Everett — of Westport, drowned Halifax Harbour, 1942.

GLAVIN, Herman — of Westport, drowned in Bay of Fundy, the schr. “ NELLIE “, in 1927.

GOWER, Benjamin — of Westport, drowned St. John Harbour, in 1933.

GOWER, Murray — of Westport, lost from the “ NETTIE  M.”, in 1906.

GREENLAW, Howard — of Tiverton, drowned 1894.

HAINES, Andrew — age 28, of Freeport, lost from dory of the “ REBECCA BARTLETT”, in Bay of Fundy, 18 August 1886.

HAINES, Charles — of Freeport, drowned at Northwest Ledge, 1842.

HAINES, Merrill — of Freeport, drowned 1917.

HAINES, Wellington — of Freeport, lost from brig “ MEXICAN “, off Cape Cod, Mass., 25 Oct 1851.

HARRIS, George — of Westport, drowned off Newfoundland, 1859.

HIGGINS, Sherman — born Freeport, son of Curtis Higgins, lost with all hands, when the gymsum freighter, NOVADOC, sank off Cape Elizabeth, Maine, in a northeast storm , 1947.

HERSEY, Ira E. (Jr.) – of Freeport, drowned 1939.

ISRAEL, Louis C. – of Freeport, lost at sea, 2 March 1891.

ISRAEL, Ray — of Freeport, lost on the JIMMY AND SISTERS, 21 March 1961.

LENT, Charles — of Freeport, lost overboard from his father’s vessel , the ONLY SON.

McCORMICK, Howard — of Tiverton, lost near Grand Manan, schooner DOVE, 1894.

McDORMAND, Donald — of Westport, lost in a winter storm, Bay of Fundy, Dec 1963, along with Gerald Welch.

McDORMAND, Isaac — of Westport, lost from brig MEXICAN, off Cape Cod, on 25 Oct 1851.

McDORMAND, Leslie — of Westport, lost on the NETTIE M., 1906.

McDORMAND, Robert — of Westport, drowned in Boston Harbour, 1892.

McINTYRE, James — drowned in Bay of Fundy, on 16 May 1790, along with other grantees at Tiverton.

McNEIL, Charles — of Freeport, drowned rowing to Annapolis, 1814.

MOORE, Enoch — of Freeport, drowned in cove at Freeport, 1800s.

MOORE, Jacob — of Freeport, drowned at entrance to cove, Freeport, 14 May 1872.

MORAN, Hallett — of Freeport, drowned 1937.

OSSINGER, Kenneth — of Tiverton, age 25, drowned 24 August, 1927. Son of Warren (below).

OSSINGER, Warren — of Tiverton, age 53, drowned 24 August, 1927.

OUTHOUSE, Edward — of Tiverton.

OUTHOUSE, Elbridge — of Tiverton, drowned 1906.

OUTHOUSE, John — of Tiverton, drowned 1895.

OUTHOUSE, John S. — of Tiverton.

OUTHOUSE, Joseph — of Tiverton, drowned 1879.

OUTHOUSE, Linden — of Tiverton, drowned Halifax Harbour, 1942.

OUTHOUSE, Otis — of Tiverton, drowned 1889.

OUTHOUSE, Simondson — of Tiverton, drowned 1900.

OUTHOUSE, Weldon — of Tiverton, the C.L.S. CURLOW, 1897.

PARKER, Edward — of Westport, drowned in Westport Harbour, 1841.

PAYSON, Edmund – age 40,of Westport, lost from Barque, CEDAR CROFT, 26                     Feb 1881. Capt. Victor Young, of Granville.

PERRY, John E. — of Freeport, lost from brig MEXICAN, off Cape Cod, 25 Oct 1851.

PERRY, Llewelyn — of Freeport, washed overboard while at the wheel of steamer, enroute to Belgium — 11 Aug 1897. Son of  James Perry.

PETERS, Emery — of Westport, lost in the sinking of the ROBERT CANN, 16 Feb 1946.

POWELL, Byard — of Westport, lost in  the wreck of the GRACE HANKINSON and the RUBY L. ( ii ), north of Petite Passage, Jan 1930.

POWELL, Edison — of Freeport, lost with Samuel, St. Lawerence Seaway, 1925.

POWELL, Samuel — of Freeport, lost with his father, Edison, St. Lawerence Seaway, 1925.

POWELL, William — of Freeport, drowned St. Mary’s Bay, 25 April 1901.

PRIME,  Capt. Clifton — of Central Grove, washed overboard at Dartmouth Point, Freeport, 30 Nov 1993. Three crew saved.

PRIME, Fred — of Freeport, drowned near Man O’ War rock, on way out to catch squid, 17 Sept 1921. His fishing partner, Garfield Thurber, clung to the kelp until help arrived to save him.

PRIME, Heber — of Freeport, drowned 1906.

PRIME, Ivan — of Tiverton, drowned with fishing partner, Andrew Elliott, when caught in a fierce storm in the Bay of Fundy, 1956. Many local fishermen had a narrow escape on this day.

PRIME, James — of Freeport, drowned in Freeport cove, in an attempt to save Jacob Moore, 14 May 1872.

PYNE, Stafford — of Tiverton, age 25, drowned  24 Aug 1927. Fishing alone in dory. Son of  John Pyne.

RISTEEN, Joseph — of Freeport, drowned at Rio de Janiero, in 1866.

ROBBINS, Bernard — of Tiverton, drowned 1889.

SHEA, Howard — of Westport, drowned in St. Mary’s Bay, 1965.

SHEA, Ward — of Westport, lost in Bay of Fundy, the NELLIE,  April 1927.(with Herman Glavin).

SLOCUM, Joshua — of Westport, lost at sea, the SPRAY, 1909.

SMITH, Charles — of Freeport, fell overboard and drowned, from the EDITH TROOP, in the North Atlantic, 15 May 1880.

SMITH, George — of Tiverton, drowned 1904.

 SMITH, Nelson — of Tiverton.                                                                           

 STANTON, Charles — of Central Grove, drowned 1901.

SULLIVAN, Wesley — of Freeport, lost in Bay of Fundy, the “ GLADYS “, found outside Digby Gut, bottom up, the vessel was towed into the Racquette, at Digby. Also lost from Freeport were Wayland Albright, and Murray Thurber(son of Amos, and a brother to schoolteacher, Bessie G. Thurber.). 20 March 1893.

TEED, Samuel – age 19, of Freeport, lost at sea, 1883.

THOMAS, James – of Westport, lost overboard from Brig , SARAH HALL , 3 May 1868. Capt. Samuel B. Davis of Westport.

THURBER, Adoniram Judson — of Freeport, lost at sea in 1873.

THURBER, Charles — of Freeport, fell overboard and drowned, at his moorings in the cove, 26 Aug 1885.

THURBER, Chipman — of Freeport, caught in a storm and swamped, near Northern Point, 11 June 1900. Son, Garfield Thurber, clung to a set of oars, and was rescued by the last boat in from the fishing grounds, Capt. J.A. Crocker.

THURBER, Edward C. — of Freeport, drowned near Brown’s Knoll, 1893. His fishing partner, Frank McNeil, was saved.

THURBER, Murray E. — of Freeport, son of Amos Thurber, lost at sea on GLADYS, 20 March 1893.

THURBER, John — of Freeport, lost overboard near St. Paul Island, in Nov 1871. Brother of Chipman Thurber (see above).

THURBER, Samuel — of Freeport, lost with all hands, fishing on the Grand Banks, the

“ WILLIAM T. MERCHANT ” , on 10 Nov. 1876.

TIBERT, Ray — of Central Grove, lost in sinking of  K.C. Irving vessel, in 1957.

TIDD, James — of Tiverton, lost from schooner, AVALON, in Bay of Fundy, 25 Nov 1888.

TITUS, Alvin — of Westport, drowned Mispec, N.B.,22 Nov 1934.

 TITUS, Arthur — of Westport, drowned 1890.

TITUS, Blake — of Westport, drowned in Westport Harbour, 21 Jan 1908. Son of Franklin (see below).

TITUS, Charles — of Westport, lost at sea, 4 Oct 1869 in storm “ Saxby Gale”

TITUS, Franklin — of Westport, drowned in Westport Harbour, 21 Jan 1908, with son Blake.

TITUS, Hantford — of Westport, lost at sea,  20 March 1903.

TITUS, Lewis — of Westport, lost at sea, 4 Oct 1869 – father of Charles (above).

WELCH, Charles — of Westport, lost at sea, 1885.

WELCH, David — of Westport, lost in Bay of Fundy, 1959.

WELCH, Gerald — of Westport, lost in winter storm, Dec 1963. Brother of David Welch (see above).

WELCH, Malcolm — of Westport, drowned off Brier Island, 1942.

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    What an incredible resource of history for the Islands and Nova Scotia. Thank you for all the work you have done to put this together. The website is easy to use, and it is easy to spend hours reading the stories.


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