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Central Grove School

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This is the one room School that I started school in. I went to this school till it closed in 1954 and then went to Tiverton School.

Central Grove School

In 1864 the Canadian Parliament enacted the Compulsory Education Act.  By this time there was already a school established in Central Grove.

In 1863 the Reverend Mr. William Hall had been conducting services in the old Tibert School and it was also used as a public meeting place until the church and Temperance Hall were built.

The tenders were called to build a new school 36’ x 23’ on March 3, 1885 with a completion date of November 1886.

An advertisement was run in the November 5, 1886 Digby Courier requesting a female teach with experience for the new school.

Back in these days it was common for schools to be closed during the cold winter months and if a teacher was too sick to teach for any amount of time the school would close as there were hardly enough teachers to fill the schools let alone have part-time substitutes.

An add run in the August 22, 1919 Courier lists Central Grove as one of the schools in the county without a teacher.

In 1938 the paper reported a break in at the school whereby they had some equipment stolen.

In June 1941 there was talk of closing the Central Grove school and have the children bused to Tiverton or Freeport.  No action was taken at that time and it would be discussed at the next regular meeting of the school section.

The Digby Courier issued July 3, 1941 reported that it was unanimously decided at the school meeting to close the Central Grove school due to lack of available teachers in the district.

Central Grove would amalgamate with Freeport and the approximately 30 children would be bussed to Freeport each day by Rupert Cann.

It was understood several other rural schools in the district would amalgamated with the larger centers in a short time.

The children of Central Grove attended school in Freeport for 2 years and in September 1943 a full time teacher was acquired and the school reopened.

In 1950 the children of Central Grove school entertained the people of Tiverton in the Oddfellows Hall to raise money for the school.  It was hoped enough funds would be raised to buy a radio for the students to use at the school.

In March 1954 the school inspector visited this area and spoke at a meeting about the possibility of having one high school for both Islands and in September of that year the Central Grove school was closed permanently and the children were sent to Tiverton.  The school and land was tendered for sale in 1962.

In September 1961 plans were underway to close the schools in Freeport and Tiverton and build a Consolidated School in Freeport for all of the children on Long Island.  A petition was circulated in Tiverton and Central Grove requesting that the school be built in Central Grove which would be more central for all the children.  It was also thought that better land could be procured in the middle of the island where the climate was also more suitable.

This is a Photo of 1951 is the First Central Grove School and Church. This is the one spoke about in Rev. Water Greenwood’s History of Freeport. It is the Building Behind the boy.


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