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Rebecca Wetmore

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In 2016 the Long & Brier Island Historical Society asked Leta to portray a person from Freeport at a fund raiser at Hill Top Cemetery. She chose Rebecca Wetmore and here is her story.

Rebecca Wetmore’s marker is at the foot of this stone

Rebecca Wetmore Portrayal –

My name is Rebecca Wetmore.  I was born in Yarmouth, over 200 years ago, on August 24, 1807, to Joseph Crocker and Sarah (Porter).  My family moved here from Yarmouth in 1824 when I was 17.  Father was a farmer here.

I was one of the original members of the Baptist Church when it first formed here in 1834.  At the time my father was appointed as the first deacon.

I was first married to Joseph Archibald Israel, a prosperous farmer here and one of the builders of the first Baptist Church that was built here at the end of the driveway in 1839.  We were so blessed to have nine children, 5 sons and 4 daughters.  Joseph died in 1859. 

Later I married Capt. William McKay. We lived in Tiverton, our house still stands today.  William passed away in 1871 of internal bleeding and is buried in Tiverton.

 In 1873 I married Timothy Wetmore.  Timothy was a blacksmith from Yarmouth.  He became very ill and after being bedridden for three years, he died in 1880 at the age of 76.

 My life has seen much sorrow.  Having buried three husbands I have also buried two of my sons, a brother, a nephew and four grandchildren.  My daughter, Elizabeth Wyman, had six children but only two of them grew to adulthood. A 2 year old son died in 1871, and in 1878 she lost three of her children when sickness swept this area, a 2 year old and a 4 year old in January, just 8 days apart, and then a 17 year old in November.

One of my daughters, Antoinette, married Samuel Haines and he became the executor of Timothy’s will.  Samuel handled all of my financial transactions.  When Timothy first passed, I was given $100 that had been owed to him.  I was also given an allowance from his estate of $130 per year to live on, which would be about $3,000 today.  Samuel was a very meticulous record keeper and even made note of a screw bought for repairs on my home.

I lived for nine years after Timothy and died May 17, 1889 at the age of 71.  115 years ago, the cost for my burial expenses, using the hearse,  putting in these corner posts and railings cost $4.00.  My beautiful Italian marble headstone came from Saint John and cost $30.00

 Timothy and I are both buried here in the Israel family plot with my first husband, Joseph.

When married to Wm McKay, lived in Levenna Titus’ house. (according to Heritage Hub)


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