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Vaughn Lent’s/Ellsworth Outhouse’s Store

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Vaughn Lent’s /Ellsworth Outhouse’s Store

And how these buildings get used over and over again

Do you remember in the 40’s and 50’s going to our little mom-and-pop stores on the Islands? Islanders never bought their groceries off the islands in those days, what they needed was here, there was no need to travel to Digby to buy your groceries.

There was a couple of these mom-and-pop stores that served the Islands in between Freeport and Tiverton. When I was growing up there was one that was owned and operated by Ves Pyne (where Rodney Pyne’s garage is today) and the other was Vaughn Lent’s store, it was located where Frankie Gillis Jr. home is today. It set near the road on the upper side of driveway, there is a small pond there now. At the time there used to be a gravel pit, where they hauled gravel for the roads from and where Vaughn’s little store sat.

 Mostly what I remember is going there it seemed every Saturday night with my father to pick up something that was needed at home. We didn’t need to buy much from the store as we grew or raised most of what we needed. Saturday evening was when the local men would gather and shoot the breeze.

The owners-operators of these mom-and-pop stores couldn’t make a living with just the income of these stores, they would need another income to survive. Vaughn was also a fisherman and labourer. 

 Inside the store on the walls where shelves with cans of food and other items. There was a counter next to the door, on top of the counter was a small glass case that was where the penny candy was. There was a potbelly stove at the far end.

 Us kids would collect pop bottles along the road-side or people would give us and we would take these bottles to the store and exchange them for penny candy.

In March of 1952 Vaughn’s and Mae’s house burnt and they had to go and stay at Norman Moses’ house in Freeport. The store was closed down.

                                         Source: Digby Courier March 1952

I find it ironic that the land sat unoccupied since the fire in 1952 till the early 1990’s when Frank Gillis Jr. bought the land, built a home and a few years later lost their home to a fire. They rebuilt and still live there today.

I do not have a photo of the store on Vaughn’s property, but I have a photo of the store as it sits in Reggie Outhouse’s yard today. Yes, it has survived. I don’t know who built the store or if it was used for something else before Vaughn had it for a store. I do not know what year Vaughn started this store either but when and if I find out I will post it here.

Digby Courier June 19th 1952

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Lent moved into the home of Hatfield Smith.

Vaughn and Mae decided to move to Tiverton as Vaughn’s daughters lived there. His daughters by his first wife who lived in Tiverton at that time were: 1. Eva Mae who was married to Murland Outhouse. 2. Muriel Velda who was married to Gorham Elliott. 3. Jeanette Lucy who was married to Bradford Perry Jr. 4. Alice Pearl who was married to Thurston Ossinger.

 They bought what was the first Bank of Nova Scotia building in Tiverton. I am not sure if the bank owned the building, as the bank of Nova Scotia didn’t own their buildings then, they leased them. It was probably owned by Alva Young. Does anyone know for sure?

A little history on the first Bank in Tiverton. The Bank of Nova Scotia came to our Islands in January 1919 and it wasn’t long after they decided to open a one day a week branch in each of our two other villages. The reason for this the fish plants paid their employees with cash and so the bank wanted to accommodate. It was opened in Tiverton on Wednesdays and in Westport on Thursdays. I know the building was used as a millenary shop before the bank moved in.  The bank closed this branch at the beginning of the war because gas was rationed and they could not justify using gas for the bank manager and clerks traveling from Freeport to Tiverton. The Tiverton Branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia did not open again till in the late 50’s or early sixty’s. This time it opened again because of the fish plants paying cash to their workers. This time the bank was opened up in Holland Outhouses Office, the first building after you go over the bridge in Tiverton. It was owned then by Small Bros who bought it from Holland Outhouse. That building is now owned by Steven Small and he has it restored to original.

This is the location where the first Bank of Nova Scotia in Tiverton was before it was moved. Manford Pyne built this bungalow in its place.

After the Lents bought the old bank, they had it moved down the road across the road from Delbert Buckmans. It took some time to make it livable, as they also had an addition built on. During all this stress Vaughn had a stroke in Aug. of 1953.

They finally moved in Sept of 1953

Digby Courier Sept 1953

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Lent have moved into their new home.

This is the bank building as it is today. The section to the left is the original bank and the section to the right is the piece they had built on.

Vaughn’s started to have health issues and on January 13th 1954 Vaughn passed away in this house. Shortly after Vaughn’s death Mae sold the store that was down in Freeport to Ellsworth Outhouse, father of Reggie Outhouse. Mae also sold this small house to Freelove Outhouse wife of Reggie Outhouse. Mae moved to Middleton to spend the rest of her life.

I can still remember the Sunday morning when Dad towed the old store of Vaughn’s to Tiverton. This was before the roads were paved here on the Islands. Ellsworth lived along side Hilton Sollows, across from Herman Cann.

This little house was Ellsworth Outhouse’s home. The Store sat in front of the house right next to the road. You just stepped off the road and into the store. I believe Ellsworth was done with the store in about 1964 or 65 and Reggie had it moved to his property where it sits today. Ellsworth died in 1969.

Vaughn Lent’s\ Ellsworth Outhouse Store

Ellsworth Outhouse

Vaughn Wilson Lent’s


Vaughn’s Father & Mother:

Belthazar (Balsor B) Lent (Nov. 2, 1853 – Feb. 4, 1917) and Alice Parker (Sept. 27, 1856 – Sept 16, 1921)** were married Nov. 27, 1877. Alice was born at Westport & died in Freeport, the daughter of Hamilton Parker & Lucy A McDormand.

Their children:

Horace C (Dec. 1880 – before 1890)

Frederick Parker Lent (May 11, 1883 – Oct. 26, 1970)

Lucy H (Sept. 18, 1885 – Dec. 10, 1975)

Eva (Mar. 23, 1887 – )

Vaughn Wilson Lent Sr. (born Aug 20, 1890 – Jan. 13, 1954)

Muriel Belle (Nov. 22, 1894 – Feb. 15, 1986)

Vaughn Wilson Lent Sr. (1890 – 1954) born in Freeport on Aug. 21, 1890 & died at Tiverton on Jan. 13, 1954. Funeral was in Tiverton and he is buried beside his first wife in Valley Cemetery in Freeport

First Wife:   Pearl Agnes Hersey (Mar. 13, 1892 – Feb 7, 1941) d/o Waitstill and Opelia (Story) Hersey married Vaughn Lent Nov. 3, 1912 in Eaton’s Hotel, Freeport, and she died Feb. 7, 1941.

Vaughn & Pearl’s children:

Horace Balsor (1918 – 1991) married Evangeline H Buckman (1919- 1997) Hamilton E Lent (1947 – 1969)

Horace Vaughn Jr. (known as “Bubby” Lent) (Apr.25, 1925 – Dec. 30, 1979) died in Winnipeg

Philip Vaughn (1915 – Dec 1972) lived in Dobie, Ont. in 1954 & died in Toronto. He was married to Evelyn Graham.

Eva Mae (Aug. 9, 1924 – )married Murland Outhouse

Muriel Velda (July. 29, 1922 – ) married Gorham Elliott

Jeanette Lucy (1937 – Aug 2005) buried in Central Grove married Bradford Jr. Perry in June 1954

Anna Scrivens (1933 – 2015) (BC) has a daughter Cyanna

Beatrice Melzina (Aug. 4, 1913* – Jan. 1, 1998 – died in Tideview). She was a Spinster & married Milledge “Mit” Griffiths (1896 – 1971) on July 7, 1933 at the Westport Christian Church Parsonage.

Alice Pearl(1930-2017) married Thurston Ossinger. Lives in St. Andrews, NB – Children: Philip, Patsy & Peggy

Virginia (1920 – 1961) died in Black’s Harbour

Mrs. Vaughn Lent

Digby Courier – Feb 13, 1941

The death of Pearl, wife of Vaughn Lent, occurred very suddenly on Friday morning, Feb. 7th. Besides her husband, a large family are left to mourn. A daughter, Virginia, residing in Black’s Harbour arrived on Saturday to attend the funeral, which was held from the Freeport Baptist Church, on Sunday afternoon. Hymns sung were: “Safe in The Arms of Jesus” and “Lead Kindly Light”. Rev. Mr. Glendenning conducted the service.

Mrs. Pearle Lent

Tiny Tattler Issued Feb. 13, 1941 

The death of Pearle, wife of Vaughn Lent, Freeport, occurred early Friday morning at her home. Although she had not been enjoying good health for some time, her death came as a great shock and was very unexpected.

Her passing will be mourned by a large number of relatives and friends. Besides her husband, she leaves to mourn their loss, ten children, Mrs. Chauncey Stewart, (Virginia), Black’s Harbour, Mrs. Milledge Griffith (Beatrice), Freeport, and Philip, Horace, Muriel, Eva, Junior, Alice, Anna and Janet, all at home. She also leaves her mother, two sisters and a number of grandchildren and other relatives. She was 46 years old. The funeral service was held from the Freeport Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon, conducted by Rev. A. T. Glendenning. Much sympathy is extended to the family, especially to the small children who are left without a mother.

Second Wife:  MAE IRENE LENT , daughter of FRANKLIN LENT and ALICE TITUS. She was born 20 February 1906 in Freeport, Digby Co., NS, and died 24 October 1981 in Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, NS (bu. Freeport).

Vaughn W Lent

Digby Courier Issued Jan. 21, 1954 

The sudden death of Vaughn Wilson Lent took place at his late home, on Wednesday morning, January 13. Mr. Lent moved to Tiverton from Freeport over a year ago, and although he was not enjoying good health, his death was unexpected.

He was a quiet living man and during his short stay at Tiverton had made many friends.

He had recently moved into his new home and following a slight shock some months ago, was not able to work but could get out at times for a short walk.

He was a member of Central Grove Baptist Church and was 61 years of age. He was a son of the late Balsor and Alice Lent.

He is survived by his wife, who was Miss May Lent of Freeport; seven daughters and three sons, by a former marriage. (Beatrice) Mrs. Milledge Griffiths and (Anna) Mrs. Cyril Scrivens of Digby; (Virginia) Mrs. Chauncey Stuart, Black’s Harbour, NB; (Muriel) Mrs. Gorham Elliott, (Eva) Mrs. Murland Outhouse, (Alice) Mrs. Thurston Ossinger and Janet (Jeanette), all of Tiverton; Horace, Freeport NS; Phillip, Dobie, Ont., Vaughn Jr, Winnipeg and thirteen grandchildren, a brother Fred, Freeport NS., three sisters (Lucy) Mrs. Edward Small, Hemet California; (Eva) Mrs. Ernest Freeman, Portland, Conn; (Muriel) Mrs. Clifton Comey, Kirksville, Mo.

All the family except Mrs. Stuart and Phillip, arrived to attend the funeral, which took place at the Tiverton Baptist Church on Saturday afternoon, with Rev. E Miner officiating; assisted by Rev. J. W. Derby. Hymns by the choir were “Does Jesus Care” and “God Will Take Care of You”. Floral tributes were many and very beautiful.

Internment was at Freeport cemetery beside his first wife.

Sympathy is extended to the mourning family

Digby Courier – Oct. 29, 1981

Mary Irene Lent

Born in Freeport, Digby, she was the daughter of the late Fran (Frank) and Alice (Titus) Lent.

She was a member of Middleton United Baptist Church and Missionary Society and the Canadian Red Cross Society. She is survived by three nieces, two nephews, and seven step – children.

She was predeceased by her husband, Vaughn; a sister, Claire (Mrs. Harold Ray).

The body is in Frederick Roop Funeral Home, Middleton. Funeral Service was 10:30 am Tuesday in Middleton United Baptist Church, Rev. Donald Robertson officiating.

Burial was in Freeport Cemetery

Digby Courier Aug 2, 1973


  1. Peggy Ossinger MacIntosh

    I just finished reading this entry and am so thankful that I did. I remember visiting my grandfather, Vaughan Lent, and Mae in that house. My mom, Alice Lent Ossinger took my twin sister Pat and I to visit them. In fact it’s one of my earlier memories as I wasn’t quite five when he passed away.

    I really appreciate all of the time and work you’ve put into this. You’ve done a fantastic job and I’m sure is a valuable resource to many.

  2. Phil Ossinger

    Peggy sent this to me yesterday and I’ve only read this entry so far but I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time in the rest of this wonderful piece of work. I do remember being with my grandfather when he was mixing mink food and feeding the mink at the large mink pens behind Elliott’s Store.
    Thank you so much for the huge amount of time and energy you’ve devoted to this. It’s a valuable resource to anyone interested in island life.

  3. Cyanna Mufford

    Peggy also sent this to me. I have so enjoyed reading this walk through our family history and the history of the Island. I, being the younger cousin never met my grandfather Vaughan. I did meet Mae on one occasion. My favorite summers were those spent on the island with my mother (Anna) visiting her beloved sisters and brother. I have many fond memories of those youthful summers spent with my cousin Crystal Perry. They were wonderful times filled with laughter, love and wonderful food! Thank you for your time in compiling all of the rich history of our small Island… that I still call home.

  4. Sharon Redcliffe

    Loved reading this! Learned a lot about my family I never knew. But in listing Vaughn Wilson Lent Sr. Children you made a mistake with my father’s name. He wasn’t Horace Vaughn Jr. Known as Bubby Lent. His name was Vaughn George Lent, known as Bubby. But very well done! Thank you!


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