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Old Home Week/July 30-Aug 5 1973

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This is the biggest event the Islands ever put on. There was between five and six thousand visitors that came to our Island that week. In 1973 our ferry was the “Petit Passage II”,( a steel scow that was adapted with outboard motors). The previous year it was put in use as an experiment, but nearly sank with a load of cars on it in the Petit Passage. The Islanders called it “The Yellow Submarine”. It was re-engineered and put back in service at Petit Passage. The previous year we also were started on twenty-four hour ferry service too. Before this we were on day-light until-dawn ferry service. This little ferry only held 7 cars. They were kept very busy trying to keep up with the traffic. It was in 1974 we received a larger ferry “The Joshua Slocum” that held 15 cars that would keep up with the cars at that time.

When I am waiting at the dock at Tiverton to cross the passage sometimes I remember the street dance of the evening of Aug. 21, 1973. Here at this ferry approach the big crowd of people, the music and people dancing. I will never forget.

Each village had a day, their special day for their own events. Tuesday was Freeport; Wednesday was Westport; Thursday was Tiverton. It ended on Sunday evening.

This all started in 1928 when the Islands had one of these Old Home Weeks that ran from July 30 to Aug. 5, 1928. Here is their program.

Digby Courier; July 13, 1928

When is our next Old Home Week?

Old Home Week

July 30-Aug. 5


Digby Courier; July 19, 1973
Digby Courier; July 12, 1973
Digby Courier; July 26, 1973
Digby Courier; Aug 2, 1973

L to R Wendy Crocker, Juanita Thompson, Janet Robicheau

L to R Wendy Crocker, Not sure ?, Karen Guier, Juanita Thompson, Janet Robicheau, Bonnie Campbell

Digby Courier; Aug. 9, 1973
Digby Courier; Aug. 16, 1973

Digby Courier; Aug 23, 1973


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