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Wrestling on Fish Point Wharf

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In August 2014 there was a message that arrived at Freeport that was sent by a group of wrestlers from Ontario saying they were going to set-up on the Fish Point Wharf in late August and it sounded like they were willing to train Islanders. It also looked like they were recruiting. They must of thought Islanders were just pushovers and would do what they told us to do. This caused a lot of activity around Freeport, Islanders all wanting to be a Pro wrestler.

Rza Celly

August 19, 2014  · 

Hey Islanders!
Turk here. The Wrestler. The ring will be set up on the Freeport Wharf by Saturday the 30th of August. I’ll be in Freeport that day offering anybody who feels like trying the ring out- a three hour pro-wrestling seminar. Young and old, experienced or NO experience….come check out pro-wrestling FIRST HAND by an extremely highly experienced trainer who has worked with WWE for years!
I’ll be running drills and for those that are able, you will get the opportunity to learn basic ring psychology, and learn some moves!
Or just come watch and enjoy a morning on the wharf with some wrasslin!

Islanders started arriving early on Saturday, more than I ever thought would be there. I guess every one wanted to be a wrestler.

They set-up the wrestling ring on the wharf . Probably the first Wrestling ring ever on Fish Point Wharf. They also asked for the Coast Guard be there too. as you can see in the photo. I will tell you why the Coast Guard was there a little later.

As you can see a lot of Islanders showed up.

Now I told you earlier they had asked the Coast Guard to be there, well the reason was, any one that got defeated were thrown over the top ropes into the harbour, and the Coast guard would have to retrieve them.

Then it came to the last match. This was supposed to be a match between two women. I don’t know why she didn’t show, maybe she was afraid of being tossed in the harbour. Our daughter Monica was in the ring passing out tee shirts. The Female wrestler became very agravated because the other wrestler did not show and started taking it out on Monica. Well just watch the movie clip and see what happens.

This is a message that was sent to the Islands in October 2014

This was the last we heard from these wrestlers. They didn’t show back, maybe they seen that Islanders can handle their part. What we were told after the match between the girl wrestler (Lucy Diamond) who had never been beat before and Monica, she was so afraid Monica was going to through her over the side of the wharf, she got off the wharf as fast as she could. The winner was “Monica Sweet Heart”.


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