The History of Long and Brier Islands


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1960’s Seafaring History (Movie)

Miss T, Summer of 1971

The following movie is from the 1960’s that was filmed by Clayton Titus, son of William Arthur (Art) Titus. Clayton filmed this movie with a 8 mm camera in the 1960’s during his work in the herring fishery. For this we are very thankful. Claytons son Steven transferred the movies  to  mp4 format. I found these movies that was put on Facebook in 2014, so I am now sharing here on islandshistory. There was three movie clips so I edited them, added some music, (as there was no sound) and made one movie(about 31 min). If you don’t like the music turn it off. Have a look at the fisheries in the 1960’s. Thanks for viewing.


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